Early days Unpeeling the Jesuit Luciferian Onion of Deception

Theodor Herzl The foremost leader of Political Zionism was inspired by the Dreyfus Affair.   http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/theodor-herzl/# http://www.jewishmag.com/153mag/theodor_herzl_hechler/theodor_herzl_hechler.htm 1896 "Address to the Rothschilds" http://www.mercazusa.org/pdf/The-Jewish-State.pdf Uganda Project 1903 http://www.canisius.edu/dotAsset/e2b851ba-4bc6-4f04-b7c4-8b86545f4bf4.pdf http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0001_0_00811.html Aliens Act 1905 http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ejud_0002_0001_0_00811.html https://cconnell2.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/arthur-james-balfour-and-zionism/ The Galveston Movement 1907 http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/the-galveston-movement/# Rothschild Aquires Control of media 1917 http://investmentwatchblog.com/congressional-record-from-1917-on-how-government-and-jp-morgan-appropriated-the-media/ http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/01/1917-j-p-morgan-bought-us-corporate-media-to-be-1s-lying-sacks-of-spin.html Balfour Declaration NOV 1917 ((Arthur James Balfour (1848 - … Continue reading Early days Unpeeling the Jesuit Luciferian Onion of Deception


They said Elite Lizards but It seems they messed up – America became independent of wrong thing .the Jesuits immigrated 🤔🤤😲

Evidence is Mounting US MADE AN ALMIGHTY mistake  What most Americans don't know is  the British Monarch is Head of the protestant  Church of England & Defender of the Faith ..... takes an oath to defend the protestant Church of Scotland . ..... Now they may co-exist with Rothschild who run the City of London … Continue reading They said Elite Lizards but It seems they messed up – America became independent of wrong thing .the Jesuits immigrated 🤔🤤😲

Mesopotamia , human beings , modified – elite rule -the begining

Sumer, or the land of civilized kings , flourished in Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq, around 4500 BC. Sumerians created an advanced civilization with its own system of elaborate language and writing, architecture and arts, astronomy and mathematics. Their religious system was a complex one comprised of hundreds of gods. According to the ancient texts, each … Continue reading Mesopotamia , human beings , modified – elite rule -the begining

A Beginners Guide …be Anonymous online

Anonymous can best be described as a global collective of losely associated activists groups Anonymous is the most influential cyber organisation in the world. Different Groups have different agendas and different causes. But one cause unites all these groups “Defending free speech”. Welcome to the internet Anonymous We were expecting you. Anonymous has prepared a free  Beginners […]

J P Morgan Hit Man & Clinton Global Initiative Member War Criminal Tony Blair a Return to UK politics ?

Tony Blair resigns as Failed Middle East Peace Envoy Rothschild orders Hillary 2016 be deployed Former UK (allegedly) Prime Minister Tony Blair resigns from his position as Middle East peace envoy Hints at Return to UK Politics #Anonymous Immediately launch a counterstrike Vowing the publication of Massive Dossier containing Declassified, Leaked Email Intelligence Document's in … Continue reading J P Morgan Hit Man & Clinton Global Initiative Member War Criminal Tony Blair a Return to UK politics ?

Follow The Money —Clinton finances+++ Corporate Chain —–####updated##———————-download#links-

DOWNLOAD LINK https://mega.nz/#F!ooxnQY7a!SVepPp9Tud8R-IZ2KWefsQ They said follow the money ....ok then https://littlesis.org/entities/226917-zfs-holdings-llc/relationships Hillarys sole owner idWho it links to https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_de/5286489 Detail on them https://littlesis.org/search?q=+++++THE+CORPORATION+TRUST+COMPANY Who is she a director of https://opencorporates.com/companies?button=&q=hillary+clinton&utf8=%E2%9C%93 https://littlesis.org/entities/33328-clinton-global-initiative/relationships# https://littlesis.org/entities/33327-clinton-foundation/relationships https://littlesis.org/entities/89704-clinton-giustra-sustainable-growth-initiative-cgsgi/relationships https://littlesis.org/entities/222663-clinton-family-foundation/relationships https://littlesis.org/entities/222664-william-j-clinton-foundation/relationships Hillarys in previous campaign corporations https://littlesis.org/entities/28792-hillary-clinton-for-president/relationships https://littlesis.org/entities/194008-hillary-for-america/relationships How does Chelsea fit in https://littlesis.org/entities/33299-chelsea-clinton/relationships This one links Trumps business to chelsea....poss … Continue reading Follow The Money —Clinton finances+++ Corporate Chain —–####updated##———————-download#links-


1985 Clinton establishes the Arkansas Development Finance Authority that will be used, in the words of one well-connected Arkansan as “his own political piggy bank.” Though millions of dollars are funneled to Clinton allies, records of repayments will be hazy or non-existent. Arkansas state pension funds deposited in Worthen by Governor Bill Clinton suddenly lose […]

North Korea Iran Clinton Trump Obama Bush Saudi = FAKE NEWS or POST fACT

all terrorist attacks that took place in the US, were at the hands of Sunnis Muslims. More specifically, the attacks were overwhelmingly the work of Wahhabi Muslims following the teachings of the movement which is centred in Saudi Arabia sect