Mesopotamia , human beings , modified – elite rule -the begining

Sumer, or the land of civilized kings , flourished in Mesopotamia, now modern-day Iraq, around 4500 BC.

Related imageSumerians created an advanced civilization with its own system of elaborate language and writing, architecture and arts, astronomy and mathematics. Their religious system was a complex one comprised of hundreds of gods. According to the ancient texts, each Sumerian city was guarded by its own god; and while humans and gods used to live together, the humans were servants to the godsThe Sumerian creation myth can be found on a tablet in Nippur, an ancient Mesopotamian city founded in approximately 5000 BC.

The creation of Earth (Enuma Elish) according to the Sumerian tablets begins like this:

When in the height heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name,
And the primeval Apsu, who begat them,
And chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both
Their waters were mingled together,
And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen;
When of the gods none had been called into being,
And none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained;

Then were created the gods in the midst of heaven,
Lahmu and Lahamu were called into being…

Sumerian mythology claims that, in the beginning, human-like gods ruled over Earth. When they came to the Earth, there was much work to be done and these gods toiled the soil, digging to make it habitable and mining its minerals.

The texts mention that at some point the gods mutinied against their labour.

When the gods like men
Bore the work and suffered the toll
The toil of the gods was great,
The work was heavy, the distress was much.

Anu, the god of gods, agreed that their labour was too great. His son Enki, or Ea, proposed to create man to bear the labour, and so, with the help of his half-sister Ninki, he did. A god was put to death, and his body and blood was mixed with clay. From that material the first human being was created, in likeness to the gods.

You have slaughtered a god together
With his personality
I have removed your heavy work
I have imposed your toil on man.
In the clay, god and man
Shall be bound,
To a unity brought together;
So that to the end of days
The Flesh and the Soul
Which in a god have ripened –
That soul in a blood-kinship be bound.

This first man was created in Eden, a Sumerian word which means ‘flat terrain’. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Eden is mentioned as the garden of the gods and is located somewhere in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Sumerian tablet depicting Enki in the creation myth. (

Image result for Enki

Initially human beings were unable to reproduce on their own, but were later modified with the help of Enki and Ninki. Thus, Adapa was created as a fully functional and independent human being. This ‘modification’ was done without the approval of Enki’s brother, Enlil, and a conflict between the gods began. Enlil became the adversary of man, and the Sumerian tablet mentions that men served gods and went through much hardship and suffering.

Adapa, with the help of Enki, ascended to Anu where he failed to answer a question about ‘the bread and water of life’. Opinions vary on the similarities between this creation story and the biblical story of Adam and Eve in Eden.


So let us compare the 4500 BC version to ~~modern Roman~~~~Jesuit version ~~


As with many other polytheistic religions, the Sumerian pantheon consists of a number of gods who are all related to one another.

It is easiest to describe the shape of this family tree by starting with Anu. Anu is also known as “An,” the Great Father of the Sky. He is the original supreme deity in the pantheon, lord of all the other gods. He loses this position as the Sumerian tale unfolds, passing it off to Enlil and then (in Babylonian lore) to Marduk.

File:Ea (Babilonian) - EnKi (Sumerian).jpg

You will notice that Anu is not the first god in the family tree.

His parents are two primordial gods, Anshar and Kishar. If you happen to be versed in Greek mythology, you can think of these primordial gods as being a little bit like the titans who preceded the ancient Greek gods. After the Greek gods overthrew the titans, the importance of the titans took a backseat to the significance of the gods (in general).

The same is true here—the primordial gods factor into the creation myth of the Sumerians, but are less important later on.

Returning to Anu, Anu’s two consorts are Antu, Great Mother of the Sky, and Ki, the Earth Mother. Both gave him children.

Ki gave birth to Enlil, Lord of the Air and Earth, Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies (to start), and Nin-khursag, Lady of the Mountain.

Antu’s child was Enki, Lord of the Earth and Waters, known also as “Ea.”

As you can see, Enlil and Enki are half-brothers. Following his birth, Enlil cleaved the earth from heaven. At this point, he and Ki took command of the earth, while Anu continued to reign in heaven.Image result for Anunnaki

What is the Tablet of Destinies?

Just now I mentioned Enlil as the “Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies.” This is a mythological object of supreme importance. It is quite literally supposed to be a clay tablet engraved with cuneiform. Whichever god possessed it was considered the ruler of the universe.

Note that “Tablet of Destinies” is the proper name for this object. People often get it wrong. You may see it incorrectly referred to as the “Tablets of Destiny.” It is a singular object. I have also seen it called the “Table of Destiny.” I have no idea what is up with that.

In any case, according to many texts, Enlil was in possession of the Tablet for a long time, which made him supreme ruler of the universe, surpassing even Anu. There is however a Sumerian poem titled “Ninurta and the Turtle” which mentions that Enki possessed the Tablet.

The Tablet changes hands a number of times, depending on the text you read. At one point, Tiamat, the Dragon Queen (look for her at the very top of the family tree), possesses it. She gives it to her consort Kingu, who becomes commander of her army. Marduk, Enki’s son, beats Tiamat in single combat, then defeats Kingu, claiming the Tablet and the authority for himself. At that point, Marduk becomes supreme ruler.Related image


Just to complicate matters, this whole tale with Marduk only shows up in the Babylonian version of the myth. In the Sumerian version, Enlil beats Tiamat and reigns supreme.

Genesis of the Flood Myth

Yes, I deliberately titled this section “Genesis of the Flood Myth”—not “The Flood Myth of Genesis.” If you have read anything about Anunnaki in the Bible, you likely knew I was going to get around to this. This is where a lot of the stories of the Anunnaki converge. And as you may also have guessed, Enki and Enlil are key players.

The Judeo-Christian Version:

Many people are familiar with the flood myth in the Bible. This is the story of Noah’s Ark. The summary version is that Yahweh was getting fed up with the sins of humankind. More specifically, He was upset about the corruption of mankind by beings referred to as the “Nephilim.” Consider this passage from The Book of Jubilees, 7:21-25:

“21 For owing to these three things came the flood upon the earth, namely, owing to the fornication wherein the Watchers against the law of their ordinances went a whoring after the daughters of men, and took themselves wives of all which they chose: and they made the beginning of uncleanness.”

It is quite easy to equate the “Watchers” or “Nephilim” with the Anunnaki.

I urge you to read up on this topic in detail in my article “Who Were the Nephilim?” Basically, fallen angels brought science and technology to humanity, but did it to enslave and corrupt them. Interbreeding ensued, leading to a race of demigods.

Yahweh decided to wipe out everyone and start over.

So He told Noah to build a great Ark. Noah loaded up the Ark with two of every animal and put his own family onboard. The flood destroyed all animal and human life outside the Ark—as well as (presumably) the fallen angels and Nephilim. Noah’s family were able to repopulate the earth after they disembarked. God put a rainbow in the sky as a promise He would never judge the earth again with another flood.

The Sumerian Version:

Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh: Palace of Sargon II, Khorsabad, 8th century BC Assyrian.

The Sumerian flood myth is older than the one in Genesis, which is why I asserted with my title that the Sumerian story is the genesis of the Bible flood myth. This belief is shared by many scholars. It is thought that a number of early ancient Hebrews were in fact inhabitants of Mesopotamia.

This would have enabled them to pick up on the Sumerian myths and legends and use them as a basis for their own religion.

There are a number of Sumerian texts which feature a great flood in one form or another. The earliest known example is in the Epic of Ziusudra. Others include the Epic of Atrahasis and the well-known Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the story which bears the strongest resemblance to the later Genesis version featured in the Bible. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem to have been originally included in the tablets; it was edited into Tablet XI later by someone who was inspired by the Epic of Atrahasis.

I will tell you more about Gilgamesh in a moment, but first I want to briefly talk about the Eridu Genesis.

The Eridu Genesis was discovered on a fragmentary tablet by historian Thorkild Jacobsen. This is how we learned the Sumerian creation myth which I have already shared in part with you.

Because the tablets are fragmentary, bits and pieces of the story are missing. In the beginning, we find that Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-khursag have created human beings.

Anu Enlil Enki NinHurSagCities have been founded and life is flourishing.

There is then a missing section. Following that, we find out that a major destructive flood is on its way, and the pantheon has decided not to warn humanity or do anything to save them.

Enki decides he isn’t okay with this, so he warns a hero and tells him he should build an Ark. In the Eridu Genesis, this hero is Atra-hasis. In the better-known Epic of Gilgamesh, it is Utnapishtim.


Lion-taming Spirit

Gilgamesh, a legendary figure and actual historical king of Uruk, Mesopotamia, who lived sometime between 2800 and 2500 BC.

Obviously the stories of Enlil and Enki are woven deeply into the fabric of Sumerian legends. These two played a role in numerous different aspects of the mythos. There are many ways that I could approach this discussion, but I have decided that the simplest way to organize the information would be to write a summary on each. While I could simply tell a detailed chronology of events, I personally find it easier to remember information when it is presented in relation to specific characters.

Enlil: Humanity’s Oppressor

File:Chaos Monster and Sun God.pngEnlil


Enlil’s role in Sumerian mythology can be summed up with reference to humanity in one word: oppressor.

Enlil was actually the god who (according to the Atrahasis-Epos text) originally commissioned the creation of the human race.

You might think that would be a good thing, but the only reason he wanted human beings was so that he would have a race he could enslave to do his bidding.

In fact, this was itself a bid for power among the gods. In the Sumerian myth (not the Babylonian one, which involves Marduk, as discussed earlier), a number of the gods are on strike because they are tired of maintaining creation.

Enlil proposes that he will solve the issue of the strike if he is named supreme ruler of the gods. In this version of the story, it is he (not Marduk) who subdues Tiamat.

Sumerian God Enlil | The sumerian god enlil, with his bow by his side which is symbolic for ...

Later on, Enlil becomes tired of humanity’s “noise,” and as a result, decides to kill them all with the great flood. As the god of weather, this was easy for him to do.

This then brings us full circle back to the story of Utnapishtim from the Epic of Gilgamesh, who was saved by Enki and corresponds to Noah in the Judeo-Christian version of the myth.

Amusingly enough, Enlil eventually gets over his anger after the flood and decides to make Utnapishtim immortal.

Enki: Humanity’s Champion

Enki stands with the Gods

Now let’s talk about Enki, Enlil’s half-brother. Enki’s role can be summed up as humanity’s creator and champion.

While Enlil is battling with Tiamat, Enki is missing the whole thing, because he is asleep. Thankfully, his mother Antu, also known as “Nammu,” is able to communicate with him. She says:

Oh my son, arise from thy bed, from thy (slumber), work what is wise, Fashion servants for the Gods, may they produce their (bread?).

Enki wakes up and suggests the creation of a slave race—humanity. Now, you might think this made it his idea, but in truth, it was Enlil’s. Enlil was the one who spoke to Nammu, who then suggested the idea to Enki.
The Creation Of Man From Clay



The Creation Of Man From Clay

Enki himself creates human beings out of a mixture of clay and the blood of the slain god Kingu.

If you are knowledgeable about Greek mythology, this probably will ring a bell—Prometheus, the ancient titan, created humanity out of clay. The two function as very similar figures. Like Prometheus, Enki tends to stand up for the human race in conflict with the gods.

Coming back around to the flood story, Enki wasn’t too pleased when he discovered Enlil planned to wipe out the race he’d created.

So he took it upon himself to warn Utnapishtim. He told Utnapishtim to construct an Ark.Image result for Utnapishtim

Like Noah, Utnapishtim was commanded to load the Ark up with animals. Together with his wife, he preserved life on earth when the flood was unleashed.

After the waters began to recede, he released the animals to repopulate the planet. As I mentioned previously, Enlil eventually got over his outrage and granted immortality to Utnapishtim and his wife.

The Extraterrestrial Version of the Flood Myth:

You now know the Sumerian and Judeo-Christian versions of the creation and flood myths.

The modern extraterrestrial version was popularized by author Zecharia Sitchin in volumes such as The Lost Book of Enki.

The idea is this: the Anunnaki weren’t gods, or weren’t just gods—they were alien visitors from outer space. You have probably heard Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quotation, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is the underlying assumption in equating the Anunnaki with aliens.

If ancient humans encountered beings from another world, they would describe them in a language which made sense to them at the time. As they did not have the word “aliens,” they would simply go with “gods.”

There are numerous parallels and arguments which Sitchin and other Anunnaki alien theorists draw across the texts. There is no way to sum it all up here (I suggest checking out the rest of the articles on our site), but here are a few key pointers:

The Anunnaki come from the planet Nibiru.Image result for Anunnaki
They came to earth to mine gold, which they require to power their civilization. They created and enslaved humanity to do the hard work for them.
All the familiar players from Sumerian mythology—Enlil, Enki, Anu, Marduk and the rest—were actually alien administrators.
Nibiru is in a long orbit around the sun. The last time it came close to Earth, it upset the tides, causing the great flood.
Eventually Nibiru will return, causing another cataclysm.

Those in the mainstream view Sitchin’s work with some disdain—but I would argue that it helps to view the extraterrestrial story as modern mythology. Think about it for a moment. Even the Sumerian and Babylonian texts conflict over whatever seed of truth may have inspired them. So yes, there are some inconsistencies involving Sitchin’s alien theory—but there are inconsistencies between the ancient texts as well.

So I want to wrap this up on the same note I usually come back to with our research. I hope that you now have a much stronger understanding of both Enki and Enlil and their roles in Sumerian mythology and the Anunnaki alien mythos. You also should have a pretty good idea how this all ties into Judeo-Christian lore.

But I really hope that your main takeaway is this: Every version of every story is interpretive. The truth behind the stories is unknown. By piecing together what we learn from a range of different mythologies—both ancient and modern—we can start to imagine what the completed puzzle might look like.

All of these pieces have value, and all have something to tell us about our collective journey as humankind. This is why it pays to keep an open mind!



A Beginners Guide …be Anonymous online

Anonymous can best be described as a global collective of losely associated hackers ,activists and researchers


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We are Anonymous, and have been gaining popularity and press with stories ranging from Wikileaks, to Protests against Scientology, to the Westboro Baptist Church, to Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report, to Bank of America, to Mastercard and Paypal, to the lawsuit against GeoHotz from Sony, and to the HB Gary Scandal (see 1st video below). If you are unfamiliar with Anonymous, the videos below this paragraph sum it up quite well, so watch the super cool moving picture video thingy z directly below this to get an idea of what we do. If you’re already familiar with Anonymous, these videos aren’t really necessary.

This is the tutorial information for #OpNewblood. Our mission is helping people interested in Anonymous get started, ranging from computer users who are constantly searching for the ‘any key’, to users who build and design supercomputers (ie Watson). Anyways, currently we cover helping you get a setup that allows you to stay in regular contact with other Anonymous and to help you browse and use the internet without exposing your location or any other sensitive information.


However, no one knows everything so we recommend that you take some time and read through all the sections of this guide at least once before you jump in feet first. This will allow you to not only familiarize yourself with the terminology but will let you ask thoughtful questions which allows us to help you quickly and accurately. We maintain a dedicated channel on the network for this purpose with both network staff and knowledgable volunteers who are happy to help you set up your own IRC client and secure your connection. So have a look through the pages first then join us on the network.

Security and Anonymity

OK now comes the bad news. Nothing is 100% secure or safe from eavesdropping. As we have seen recently with revelations about the wholesale spying on the world by the NSA, the subject of security and maintaining your privacy is now much higher on the list than ever before. People who once thought nothing about sending their most intimate details to another are now rethinking that situation. The internet has always been open. A closed and monitored internet defeats the purpose for which it was intended: the free and easy sharing of information, thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

The Heartbleed SSL bug was big news and quite shocking to the security community and internet users in general. OpenSSL, which contained the error, has been fixed. Most applications that use OpenSSL have also been fixed. Website operators have been working to patch their systems, too. As for AnonOps, we use GnuTLS, a different encryption library which was not part of the Heartbleed bug. Our webchat has been updated to the correct version of SSL and our security certificates have been revoked and reissued.

Much is now heard about VPNs, encrypted connections, web pages and emails. So what are these mysterious things? Let us find out shall we?

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network is a connection from your computer to another network. Some of you may be familiar with these type of connections as they are widely used by businesses to handle their internal communications needs and to allow employees to access systems from remote locations. Setup properly, they can also be used by anyone to create a safer connection to the internet and have the added benefit of disguising your true location. Click the link below for a short tutorial on the different types of VPN connections and encryption.

Virtual Private Networks

The Onion Network (TOR)

The Tor (The Onion Router) Network is a means of relaying your traffic to either an exit node (whereby your traffic then exits the network and into the open web) or to a hidden service/site maintained within the network itself. The traffic is routed through an ‘untrusted’ relay circuit, whereby each relay node only knows the node before it and the node after, thus no complete list of nodes used to route your traffic can be enumerated. The network exhibits end-to-end encryption but only within itself: if your traffic is not encrypted in the first place, any person data-sniffing the exit node will be able to see where you are then going and what you are doing while there.

Tor Information


Security online is a very long and involved subject. The various possibilities and methods of securing your client computer are combined by you to suit your unique environment. No one solution is good for every internet user. The reason for this is simple: We all use the internet in different ways. Some surf the web and read emails. Others spend their days on social media sites and twitter. Most do some degree of business online, either paying bills or making purchases. For these reasons, we cannot possibly cover every aspect of online life and we will make no attempt to cover every situation. We can give you a start and from there, we can assist you more once you are connected to the network. Click the link below and read the information, as many times as you have to until you have a basic understand then we can move to the next phase.

Security Handbook


Recent news of how extensive the NSA’s efforts to compromise internet security might make privacy seem impossible, but there is still hope. Edward Snowden said it in an online Q&A soon after he made his first document public: “Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on.” We’ve put together a short primer to help get you started with more secure email (and files).

Email Encryption Basics

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The IRC client is the application that allows you to connect to the IRC servers. The clients are free, easy to use but the initial setup can be confusing. Each of the links below contain the basic information to get connected to our network. If you cannot connect to the network after following the guide use the webchat link further down the page.

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Max Spiers exposed pizzagate in 2014 he died mysteriously in 2016 , tagged as a Ufo conspiracy theorist  it went unreported by the mainstream media who were mid Operation Campaign Clinton .

” Victim of abuse and Max exposed the motivation of Elite pedophiles being the real purpose of MK Ultra “

Inside OpISIS – What is ISIS and What Doesn’t the Media Tell You

Posted on October 8, 2016

October 3rd, 2016 | by righteous

Inside OpISIS – What is ISIS and What Doesn’t the Media Tell You



From the perspective of an Anonymous member who has spent portions of the last year involved in #OpISIS, let’s say I have seen hundreds of ISIS propaganda websites, hundreds more ISIS social media accounts and even interacted with alleged ISIS members online. Given my experience, what would I know about ISIS that the average sheep in western society does not

The Islamic State is an end times cult movement.

I know the term ‘end times’ is thrown around YouTube, Hollywood and the media at large a lot these days, but the Islamic State is the real deal. These people are literally trying to manifest the end of the world, as prophesied by both Islamic and Catholic scripture, through the influence/manipulation of real world events.

ISIS is trying to create a self fulfilling prophesy.

The end times of the Koran and Bible are already well laid out: there is a road map of sorts to be followed, and as far as the members of the Islamic State are concerned, lets just get it over with already, and make it happen.

According to the Islamic State, as prophesied, the final seven years of the end times began 2015 and will conclude in 2022.

Isiah 17:1-3

See, Damascus will no longer be a city

but will become a heap of ruins.

2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted

and left to flocks, which will lie down,

with no one to make them afraid.

3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,

and royal power from Damascus

Footage of Damascus 12/22/2015…..


You catching the drift yet?

This is not some made up Hollywood movie, or some conspiracy blog on the Internet – this is real life – this stuff is actually happening right now. The Islamic State is not alone in believing it is the end times, and before you go ahead and say this is strictly an Islamic movement, consider the fact that 40% of Christians also believe we are living in the end times.

The ISIS Lie

According to reports from the CIA, in 2014 there were between 20,000 and 31,500 troops inside Iraq and Syria. According to reports from Kurdish intelligence, the number was more like 250,000. According to Russian intelligence, there are an estimated 70,000 and according to Iraqi intelligence, the number is more like 100,000.

For the sake of covering all our bases, lets take the Kurdish figure of 250,000 and put this into perspective for people to understand. According to widely cited global figures, there are around 1.2 billion Muslims on Earth – including Iraq and Syria.

Doing the math for yourself, this means at their height, according to the CIA and intelligence communities around the world, members of Islam who follow of the Islamic State religious caliphate ideology make up fractions of one percent of all the Muslims on Earth.

Lets look at it from a different angle, shall we?

In nearly 3 years, the Islamic State has not been able to capture Baghdad, and in 2016, their numbers/territory in Iraq and Syria are both declining significantly. To give you some more perspective, when the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, they captured Baghdad in 4 days!

The Islamic State has no air force, no navy, and it is not a serious threat to overtake any country – not even Iraq and Syria.

Many Americans will then argue, well just look at the lone wolf attacks in the United States – in Orlando and San Bernadino… People will point to these attacks as a reason to fear Muslims, to go to war and to ban Muslims from entering the United States, in the future.

To those people I respond with this: white people born inside the United States kill more American citizens inside the United States than Muslims do every single year. That is just the fact of the matter at hand, but unfortunately, more people will become angry at me for saying this out-loud, than the fact the statement is actually true. Therein lies the true problem.


The role of the main stream media in shaping public opinion.

Listening to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or watching Fox News every-night, you might actually come to believe that every immigrant is a possible member of ISIS; that Muslims are out to invade our countries and kill us all.

Listening to Donald Trump and conservative politicians, you might actually believe that the United States is under some sort of attack, that the War is already at our doorstep – and for this reason, you must support the United States going to war in return! Still following?






If you are a typical uneducated American conservative, you eat this sh!t right up. America, fu*k yeah! Who gives a sh*t about anyone outside of the US borders; lets go to war and blow up the World! Woo-hoo!!

Did you see the video of Damascus above? Have you seen Homs or Aleppo? Do you actually believe the war is in the United States or even close to our doorstep? Did you read the statistics above, that there are only tens of thousands of ISIS members left, and the minuscule fractions of 1% of all Muslims on Earth follow Islamic State ideology… but we need to ban 100% of Muslims from our countries?

You are going to have to decide for yourself: is hatred, xenophobia, violence, extremism and war going to be the future of this world? When you go to the voting booth this fall, are you going to put your name next to voting for this war?

You know who else wants this war? The Islamic State. Do you really want to have that in common with them?


Think about it.

Is someone who was born in the United States, who picks up a gun in desire to go to war and kill people, morally superior to someone born in Iraq or Syria, who picks up a gun for the same purpose?

Despite however strong your misplaced nationalistic pride may be, American soldiers fighting in war are not heroic for “serving their country,” they are blood hungry human beings out to kill other human beings – same as anyone else in any side of a war. Some of these US politicians, including the Bushs’, are some of the most blood hungry people on this Earth.

The Islamic State wants war; wants non-Muslims to hate all Muslims; wants armies to invade their countries and kill more of their people/Muslims. After all, you cannot have an “End Times War” if there is no war to begin with – or no one to fight in it, for that matter. One of the core tenants of Islam is that a Muslim can not go to war unless war has been declared upon them.

ISIS loves Donald Trump and the American politicians above, ISIS takes all their statements about going to War with Islam, and then turns around with these same clips and says see, look! The US has already gone to war in the region. Millions have since been killed. The US invaded our land in 2001 and this is still not enough for them? The US is only planning to bring more war and destruction.

American conservatives think they are being tough and strong, dare I say, righteous? They are completely clueless about the way in which they are leading people towards extremism with their words. War in the Middle East is exactly what has led to ISIS in the first place!

People flock to fight for ISIS because they are angry and traumatized. All they have known in their life is misery, death, and destruction. For some young people in the region, war is all they have seen and experienced in their short lives. Again, in accordance with Islam, a Muslim cannot go to war unless war has been brought upon them – and it was the US who first brought a war and chaos to these countries.

To defeat ISIS, what people in the Middle East need is hope for a better future – not more bombs and declarations of war. There is nothing positive about war; I don’t care what you think you are fighting for. War has consumed the Middle East for ages (literally), and a new war in 2017 will accomplish nothing more than greater tragedy and greater loss of life.

In 2008, George Bush finished his term with the lowest approval rating of any President in history, for his war in the Middle East. In 2016 Donald Trump says “we need to go to Iraq and take the oil” because “we did not take it last time” and is met with cheering crowds?

ISIS wants an End Times War, and unfortunately, the United States appears all too eager to provide it.

What a shame this world is, will humanity never evolve?

*Shout out to the main stream media for not being “fearless” enough to publish this*

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This article (Inside OpISIS – What is ISIS and What Doesn’t the Media Tell You) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article using a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.


J P Morgan Hit Man & Clinton Global Initiative Member War Criminal Tony Blair a Return to UK politics ?

Tony Blair resigns as Failed Middle East Peace Envoy Rothschild orders Hillary 2016 be deployed

Former UK (allegedly) Prime Minister Tony Blair resigns from his position as Middle East peace envoy

Hints at Return to UK Politics

#Anonymous Immediately launch a counterstrike

Vowing the publication of Massive Dossier containing Declassified, Leaked Email Intelligence Document’s in defence of Humanity

Tony Blair has resigned from his position as the Quartet’s peace envoy to the Middle East after seven years.

The former Prime Minister has been criticised for his dual role as diplomat and businessman.

He will quit the role – which he took up immediately after leaving Downing Street in 2007 – next month.

Sources said that although Mr Blair will no longer represent the Quartet he plans to remain “active on the issues”.

Mr Blair’s business interests have become increasingly controversial.

His global consultancy offers investment and strategic advice to governments, corporations and billionaires.

Clients include PetroSaudi, an oil company with links to the ruling Saudi royal family, JP Morgan and Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi wealth fund.

Mr Blair, although he denies it, is believed to be worth between £50 million and £100 million, and his assets include several houses and a country estate.

The post for the Quartet, which represents the UN, US, EU and Russia in Middle East peace talks, has recently been been sidelined.

Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, said: “It is long overdue that he has decided to step down.

“Somebody else needs to be given a chance with a much improved mandate than Mr Blair had when he accepted the role.

“There were perceived conflicts of interest. And increasingly senior Palestinian politicians to whom I have spoken did not have the confidence that Tony Blair was pushing the envelope to find peace or a way forward.

“Although many people might say ‘Good riddance to Tony Blair’, the overall issue is that we lack a viable, workable and effective process to end the conflict.”

Mr Blair has written to Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary general, to confirm his departure from the position, which is unpaid.

A source close to Mr Blair insisted he remained “fully committed” to helping to make progress on a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

However, the former premier believes an “entirely new approach” was required.

The source added that Mr Blair intended to offer the “best support … without any formal role”.

Mr Blair is also understood to feel that the Quartet post was “limited” to supporting the Palestinian people on economic development and strengthening institutions.

Although “much has been achieved”, it was “despite the political constraints”, the source said.

“He will concentrate on strengthening relations between Israel and the wider Arab world, drawing on his considerable experience and the relationships he has built in the region to advance this work.

“He believes that this could help underpin international efforts to end the ongoing impasse in the peace process,” the source said.

Earlier this year the former PM was reportedly in talks with John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, and Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, over the future of his role.

Mr Blair’s office did not immediately respond to requests for a comment.

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