Excellent work from Top investigator @calamiTcat loving this game changer


The Book Of Tephi PDF



On Scribd ~ https://www.scribd.com/document/312053851/Book-Tephi

read more The TRUTH About The Scots: Lost Tribes Of Israel & The Declaration of Arbroath (1320)

some o the bits I found interesting

page 2

I, even I am left,—to cry from the uttermost region, — (Far off isles of the West,—home of the remnant of Dan,) Sown as a thistle on earth is Jacob,—the names of us legion. Tongue of the Hebrew fails,—shall not be spoken of man.


(3) We were five that rode upon asses, and five by the mules they led Whereon were the things brought forth from the House of the Lord when we fled, The stone of Jacob our father, the Seat wherein Yahveh dwells Upon sacred things whereof the Book of the Prophet tells ; And the signs of my father David, on whom was the promise stayed Bright as the…

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