State Corporations Century’s of Deception and Illusion of Freedom

The (British) Crown Empire and the City of London Corporation

World politics today is governed by the Vatican, but also by the Crown Empire. The modern world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire.

That empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year corporation that controls finance from an entity called ‘The Crown’.

This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve, the World Bank (IMF – International Monetary Fund), The European Union, and various cartels and corporations across the earth.

The Crown Identity is kept most secret, and The Crown Bank of England took and assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration (1901-1909) when its agents, who were really Crown agents (J. P. Morgan), took over 25% of American business.

The Crown has never been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of the corporate body, but the British Monarchy is a figurehead for The Crown, rules parliament in Great Britain and has authority over the Prime Ministers through a Vatican knighthood called the Order of the Garter.

The Crown, however, is not the King or Queen of England – they are an established monarchy of the corporate body.

The Crown is the directorate of the corporation, and Great Britain is ruled by The Crown, the City of London which controls the Bank of England – a private corporation [owned by the Rothschilddynasty]. There is a private state existing in Britain within the centre of London.

This City, located in the heart of Greater London, became a sovereign-state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatised the Bank of England, and turned it over to the Vatican banksters who today rule the financial world.

The City/The Crown Corporation is not subject to British Law; it has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag, its own police force – exactly like the Vatican city state and Washington DC Columbia. The Crown Corporation is also separate from the Metropolitan city; its police drive red police cars and their uniforms are different from the Metropolitan Police.

Also, The Crown in London houses the privatized Bank of England and Lloyd’s of London, the London Stock Exchange, and all British Banks. It also houses the branch offices of 385 foreign banks, 70 US banks, as well as Fleet Street newspapers and publishing monopolies. It controls the world media and world intelligence. [And the Rothschilds control The Crown].

It is out of The Crown City of London, the headquarters of British Freemasonry overseen by the British Monarchy and the Duke of Kent, that World Freemasonry is governed. This includes the Grand Orient Masonic Order and the Washington DC Scottish Rite.

In 1945 the Bank of England was nationalised by the Labour Government, and is allegedly no longer a private bank, although it governs the US Federal Reserve. It is ruled over by the Rothschilds, who are bankers for the Pope – guardians of the Vatican Treasury.

The City of London also has its own Lord Mayor, different from the current Mayor, who has the power in The Crown Corporation.

When the Queen wishes to conduct business in the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar. Temple Bar and their associate franchises come from what is called the Four Inns of the Temples of Court – the Inner Temple and the Middle Temple.

The logo of the Inner Temple is a white horse on the sunburst seal of the Jesuit Order. The white horse is a symbol of the British Empire / Order of the Garter / Crown Corporation, and is the same white horse which is the symbol of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).
The white horse is a Jesuit symbol – Pegasus. It is the Jesuit Order that governs the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. The Inner Temple is the core group that governs the City of London Corporation.
The whole Earth is governed by The Crown, through Crown Colonies which belong to The City – The Crown Empire. It governs Africa and still governs China and India. The colonies of the Earth are really just Crown Colonies – The United States of America are states of The Crown.
This being said, however, it is vitally important to remember the following. The Crown Empire uses commercial law (a.k.a. international maritime law, or law of contracts) as its means of control. This law does not apply to sovereign, free men and women.
Your name, when spelt out in all capital letters – as in JULIAN WEBSDALE – is a corporation, a trust set up by the government through the treasury department at your birth. Every time a child is born, a corporation/trust is created using his or her name in all capital letters.
They do this because governments are corporations and they operate under commercial law, the law of contracts.
The laws passed by governments only apply to corporations and not to living, breathing, flesh and blood sovereign-free men and women spelt in upper-lower or all lower case, as with Julian Websdale, or julian websdale.
The living, breathing sovereign man and woman is subject to common law, not the commercial law introduced by governments through legislation.

By Julian Websdale, | Reference: YouTube

About the author: Julian Websdale is an independent researcher in the fields of esoteric science and metaphysics, and a self-initiate of the Western Esoteric Tradition. His interest in these subjects began in 1988. Julian is an author on and you can visit his personal blog here

House Rothschild Owns Common Law Crown Temple In The Center Of London.


Who really owns the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland and much more besides? What Legal Guild setup the Common Law system in the World, and the obedience to it by all nations?

The government and ‘legal’ system of the United States is controlled by the ‘Crown.’ The Crown is not only the British monarch as widely believed, but is the ‘City,’ an independent legal-guild state in London. In turn, the ‘City’ or the ‘Crown’ is really the Knights Templar Church, also known as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, and this is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment.

The Temple grounds are also home to the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row. The Crown Temple controls the global ‘legal’ system, including those in the United States and Canada, because all Bar Associations are franchises of the International Bar Association at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple based at Chancery Lane in London. All Bar Associations’ are franchises of the Crown and all Bar Attorneys throughout the world pledge a solemn oath to the Temple, even though they are not told that this is what they are doing.

Bar Association ‘licensed’ Attorneys must keep to their oath, pledge and terms of allegiance to the Crown Temple if they are to be “called to Bar” and work in the ‘legal’ profession anywhere in the world. The ‘ruling’ monarch is also subordinate to the Crown Temple and has been so since the reign of King John in the 13th century when royal sovereignty was transferred to the Crown Temple and, through that, to the Roman Church.

King John (1167-1216) is a key to this story. It was at the Chancel, or Chancery, of the Crown Inner Temple Court in January 1215 that King John was faced with the demands of the English barons to confirm the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta. When he signed the Magna Carta in 1215 historical propaganda promoted, and still does promote, this as an event that extended human freedom, but the reality, obedience to the Crown’s writing of Common Law, was very different.

The ‘governments’ of the United States and Canada, and Australia and New Zealand, and all of the UK are subsidiaries of the Crown Temple and so is the US ‘central bank,’ the Federal Reserve. Indeed the global banking system is controlled by the Crown Temple as well as the worldwide ‘legal’ system. Bar Associations are awarded their franchises by the four Inns of Court at Temple Bar. These are the Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn — and they are nothing less than exclusive secret societies without charters or statutes. The secret government. They are a law unto themselves.

The Inner Temple controls the legal system franchise for Canada and Britain while the Middle Temple does the same for the United States. Queen Elizabeth II is a member of both temples. These so-called ‘Illuminati’ always seek to control both ‘sides’ in any situation.

Thus at least five signatories to the American Declaration of Independence were Temple Bar Attorneys who had pledged allegiance to the Crown. And their Constitution gives first authority and control of the US Government to the Crown and Banks of England. [Viz. also in Australia where the Crown can remove the Prime Minister at any time for any reason, and in New Zealand where the Crown is the ultimate legal appellate for all.]

Another Middle Temple agent during the formation of the United States was Alexander Hamilton who structured the American banking system in line with the Crown Temple agenda for control of the new United States (a ‘State’ is actually a legal entity of the Crown – a Crown Colony!).

As Michael Edward points out in an excellent Internet study:

“Americans were fooled into believing that the legal Crown Colonies comprising New England were independent nation states, but they never were nor are they today. They were and still are Colonies of the Crown Temple, through letters patent and charters, who have no legal authority to be independent from the Rule and Order of the Crown Temple. A legal State is a Crown Temple Colony.

“Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have worn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and, contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but ‘legal,’ Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts Our so-called ‘judiciary’ in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.”

Seven Middle Inn Templars who had pledged an oath of allegiance to the Crown Temple (including Alexander Hamilton) were among the members of the Constitutional Convention who signed the completed ‘American Constitution’ giving secret control over to London. How symbolic it is that copies of the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence hang on the wall of the library of the Middle Temple in London. After all, they were the force behind both of them.

While Middle Bar Templars were orchestrating the illusion of freedom from the perceived rule by King George III, the king, too, was a sworn member of the same Middle Temple.

Michael Edward continues:

“1776 is the year that will truly live in infamy for all Americans. It is the year that the Crown Colonies became legally subservient Crown States. The Declaration of Independence was a legal, not lawful, document. It was signed on both sides by representatives of the Crown Temple. Legally, it announced the status quo of the Crown Colonies to that of the new legal name called ‘States’ as direct possessive estates of the Crown. “The American people were hoodwinked into thinking they were declaring lawful independence from the Crown. Proof that the Colonies are still in Crown possession is the use of the word ‘State’ to signify a ‘legal estate of possession.’

Had this been a document of and by the people, both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution would have been written using the word ‘states.’ By the use of ‘State’ the significance of a government of estate possession was legally established. All of the North American States are Crown Templar possessions through their legal document, signed by their representation of both parties to the contract, known as the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Britain, Ireland, the US, and the UK are owned by the Roman Church

So the United States, together with Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, are controlled by the Knights Templar ‘Crown,’ but who owns the Knights Templar ‘Crown’? Well, er…, the Pope, or rather the Crown Templar Illuminati that control him.

On May 15th 1213, our own friend King John, who was a puppet of the Templars, effectively signed away the Kingdom of England and Ireland to Pope Innocent III and the Roman Church, witnessed by the Crown Templars.


As King John said at the time:

“I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templars.”

The King John charter stated:

“We wish it to be known to all of you, through this our charter, furnished with our seal … not induced by force or compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and by the common counsel of our barons, do offer and freely concede to God and His holy apostles Peter and Paul and to our mother the holy Roman Church, and to our-lord Pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances .. : we perform and swear fealty for them to him our aforesaid lord Pope Innocent, and his Catholic successors and the Roman church … binding our successors and our heirs by our wife forever, in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be chief pontiff at that time, and to the Roman church without demur.

As a sign … we will and establish perpetual obligation and concession … from the proper and especial revenues of our aforesaid kingdoms … the Roman church shall receive yearly a thousand marks sterling … saving to us and to our heirs our rights, liberties and regalia; all of which things, as they have been described above, we wish to have perpetually valid and firm; and we bind ourselves and our successors not to act counter to them.

And if we or anyone of our successors shall presume to attempt this, whoever he be, unless being duly warned he come to his kingdom, and his senses, he shall lose his right to the kingdom, and this charter of our obligation-and concession shall always remain firm.”

Historical accounts concentrate on the fact that this charter obligated the Crown to pay money to the Roman Church, but it also states that if the terms of this charter are broken, the ‘right to the Kingdom’ shall be lost, returned to the Crown Templars.

When King John signed the Magna Carta on June 15th 1215 he broke the terms of the charter with the Pope and therefore lost the right to his kingdom. Pope Innocent III then declared the Magna Carta null and void.

From this time the ‘Crown’ passed from the monarch to the Knights Templar who, to this day, govern Britain on behalf of the Roman (Illuminati) Church. This means, if we take it a stage further, that ultimately, through the Crown Temple, the Roman Church also owns the United States, Canada and all countries and Bar Associations controlled (overtly or covertly) by the Crown!

This is why the Peace Treaty between the American Colonies and the British Crown in 1783, stated:

“It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America … “

How ironic that a Roman Catholic is barred from being the British monarch while all along the monarch and the ‘kingdom’ have been owned by the Roman Catholic Church


Scotland’s Unique History and Ancient Birth rights , ensure in lcommon law the people shall have their freedom
Scotland will never fall to foriegn rule , and not for the SNP Lawyers Selective Xenophobic propaganda.
A nationalist party that devalues patriotism, that puts interests of State Corporations and Bankers before the people they serve .Yet fails to mention upon union of the crowns the Scottish ruler became James 1st of England , Scotland was not ruled by london and even if so it was by thr King of Scots
The number of Doctors Nurses and Teachers  are in  decline shows the sham ScotsGov clearly has no National Pride and often is seen too  encourage quite the opposite attitudes
No structured accurate history is part of our nations education nor is there passion or any  patriotic pride in our cultural survival encouraged or even displayed .
Preservation of a long history stretching way back to biblical times , the important significance of true Scottish Identity and the bloodlines of whom they descended must not pass down generations .

Extract from Declaration of Arbroath 1320

Most Holy Father, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots has been graced with widespread renown. It journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage peoples, but nowhere could it be subdued by any people,however barbarous.
Thence it came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea to its home in the west where it still lives today.
The Britons it first drove out the Picts it utterly destroyed and even though very often assailed by the Norwegians the Danes and the English, it took possession of that home with many victories and untold efforts
And as the histories of old time bear witness, they have held it free of all servitude ever since . In their kingdom there have reigned one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, the line unbroken by a single fore
The King of kings and Lord of lords our Lord Jesus Christ after His Passion and
Resurrection  called them .Even though settled in the uttermost parts of the earth, almost the first to his most holy faith nor did he wish them to be confirmed in that faith by
merely anyone but by the first of his Apostles Blessed Peter’s brother gentle Saint Andrew
We have been set free by our most tireless prince, King and lord, the lord Robert. He that his people and his heritage might be delivered out of the hands of our enemies, bore cheerfully toil and fatigue,hunger and peril,
Like another Maccabaeus or Joshua.him, too, divine providence, the succession to his right according to our laws and customs which we shall maintain to the death,
And the due consent and assent of us all have made our prince and king to him, as to the man by whom salvation has been wrought unto our people.
We are bound both by his right and by his merits that our freedom maybe still maintained . And by him come what may we mean to stand

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

World events most of which are ‘engineered’ leave a trail that leads to the architects. We next discover that there are 3 cities on earth that come under no national authority, they have separate laws, they pay no taxes, they have their own police force and even possess their own flag of ‘independence’. These 3 cities control the economy, military onslaughts and the spiritual beings of those in powers. The 3 cities are actually corporations and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control politicians, the courts, educational institutions, food supply, natural resources, foreign policies, economies, media, and the money flow of most nations as well as 80% of the world’s entire wealth. Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale where people will be divided into rulers and the ruled after they have depopulated the world to numbers they wish to rule over. What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation.

At the center of each city state are giant phallic shaped stone monuments called obelisks.


London obelisk (aka Cleopatra’s Needle): Located on the banks of the River Thames, this obelisk was transported to London and erected in 1878 under the reign of Queen Victoria. The obelisk originally stood in the Egyptian city of On, or Heliopolis (the City of the Sun). The Knights Templars’ land extended to this area of the Thames, where the Templars had their own docks. Either side of the obelisk is surrounded by a sphinx, more symbolism dating back to the ancient world.

In D.C. the obelisk is known as the Washington monument was dedicated to George Washington by the secretive brotherhood of Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia in 1848. They also contributed 22 masonic memorial stones. 250 masonic lodges financed the Washington monument obelisk including the knights templar masonic order.

Vatican obelisk: Located in St. Peter’s Square, was moved from Egypt to its current location, in 1586. The circle on the ground represents the female vagina, while the obelisk itself is the penis. This is commonly known as occult symbolism.

The Roman Empire prevails through the :


The City of London was formed when the Romans arrived in Great Britain 2000 years ago and started a trading post on the River Thames. Exactly 1000 years later William the Conqueror (King William III) gave sovereign status to the City of Londoners in 1694 allowing them to continue enjoying separate rights and privileges so long as they recognized him as King. The Kings that succeeded William however, decided to build a new capital city and named it Westminster. There have been numerous instances of the King and the City’s Mayor at loggerheads with each other.

What is peculiar is that laws passed by the British Parliament does not apply to the City of London.

However the City of London is not an independent nation like the Vatican.

Today the City of London is a one-square mile city. The 2 Londons have separate city halls and elect separate mayors, who collect separate taxes to fund separate police who enforce separate laws. City of London has its own separate flag and crest while London city does not. The Mayor of the City of London has a fancy title ‘The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of London’ and rides a golden carriage to Guildhall while the Mayor of London wears a suit and takes a bus. The Mayor of London has no power over the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of London (City of London). What’s unique is that the City of London is a Corporation and older than the United Kingdom but has a representative in the UK Parliament through a person known as the ‘Remembrancer’ who is present to protect the ‘City’s interests.

The City of London houses

  • Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’
  • Lloyds of London
  • The London Stock Exchange
  • All British Banks
  • The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks
  • 70 USA Banks
  • Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
  • Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry
  • Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as ’THE CROWN’

The City of London is controlled by the Bank of England, a private corporation owned by the Rothschild family after Nathan Rothschild crashed the English stock market in 1812 and took control of the Bank of England.

The Queen refers to the City of London Corporation as the ‘Firm’ but it is known as The CROWN (not representing the Royalty of Britain). Buckingham Palace is in London but not in the City of London and the City is not part of England.

City of London directly and indirectly controls all mayors, councils, regional councils, multi-national and trans-national banks, corporations, judicial systems (through Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, World Bank, Vatican Bank (through N. M. Rothschild & Sons London Italian subsidiary Torlonia), European Central Bank, United States Federal Reserve (which is privately owned and secretly controlled by eight British-controlled shareholding banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (which is also British-controlled and oversees all of the Reserve Banks around the world including our own) and the European Union and the United Nations Organization. The Crown controls the global financial system and runs the governments of all Commonwealth countries, and many non-Commonwealth ‘Western’ nations as well (like Greece). The Crown traces back to the Vatican, which is headed by the Pope (who owns American Express) In essence the City of London Corporation would become the “One World Earth Corporation” and would privately own the world.

2. Washington DC (District of Colombia)

Washington DC is not part of the USA. District of Columbia is located on 10sq miles of land. DC has its own flag and own independent constitution. This constitution operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori. DC constitution has nothing to do with the American Constitution. The Act of 1871 passed by Congress created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES & corporate government for the District of Columbia. Thus DC acts as a Corporation through the Act. The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has 3 red stars (the 3 stars denoting DC, Vatican City and City of London).

A look at the various Treaties raises the question of whether US remains a British Crown colony. The basis of this goes back to the first Charter of Virginia in 1606 that granted Britain the right to colonize America and gave the British King/Queen to hold sovereign authority over colonized America and its citizens. Colonized America was created after stealing America from the Native Indians. If America was colonized with British subjects these people are subjects of the British Government.

To negate this was the Treaty of 1783 declaring independence from Great Britain. However, this Treaty identifies the King/Queen of England as the Prince of the United States. (please refer Nevertheless, according to the Bouviers Law dictionary in ‘monarchicial governments’ a subject owes permanent allegiance to the monarch in which case the British subjects in colonized America owed permanent allegiance to the monarch.

The reverse is applicable under Constitutional law where allegiance is owed to the sovereign and to the laws of a sovereign government and natives are both subjects and citizens.

The issue is if a war was fought in 1781 and America became victor why would Britain need to sign a Treaty in 1783? When US has won a war, America should not require the British monarch to cede land and refer to himself as Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and of the United States? There is also the issue of the use of the term ‘Esquire’ given that it is a title of nobility again showing allegiance to the Queen/King and when Benjamin Franklin, John Jay Esquire and John Adams signing on behalf of the US use the name ‘Esquire’ it is raising the question of how valid the 1783 Treaty is. John Jay went on to sign the 1794 Treaty between England and US raising again why 13 years after the Paris Treaty the US needs to sign a Treaty with England if US was really ‘independent’.

What needs to be further investigated is why US still continues to pay tax to the City if it is a free nation?

The 1794 Treaty signed between England and the US was negotiated by John Jay Esquire who negotiated the 1783 Treaty. The question is why would US need to sign Treaty’s with England 13 years after the Paris Treaty of 1783 declaring US independent? Why would Article 6 and Article 12 continue to dictate terms to an ‘independent’ America?

Further reading of US history would reveal what happened to America when it cancelled the Charter of the First National Bank in 1811 and immediately afterwards 4500 British troops arrived and burnt down the White House, both Houses of Congress, the War Office, the US State Department and Treasury and destroyed the ratification records (signed by 12 US states) of the US Constitution wherein the 13thAmendment was to stop anyone receiving a Title of nobility or honor from serving the US Government. The 1812 war lasted 3 years and the Bank Charter was re-established in 1816 after the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent in 1815. Note: 13th amendment which was ratified in 1810 no longer appears in current copies of the U.S. constitution.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was passed by US Congress handing over America’s gold and silver reserves and total control of America’s economy to the Rothschild banksters. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking system that does not belong to America or Americans.

It is no better a time to question whether US is a country or a corporation and the US President and officials at the Congress are working for that Corporation and not for the American people. It appears that the US Corporation is owned by the same country that owns Canada, Australia and New Zealand whose leaders are all serving the Queen in her Crown Land and US too has been and remains a crown colony that belong to the Empire of the 3 City States – City of London, Vatican City and Washington DC. The US president is nothing more than a figurehead for the central bankers and the transnational corporationsboth of which are controlled by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry from the City of London the home of the global financial system.

3. Vatican City

The Vatican City is not part of Italy or Rome. The Vatican is the last true remnant of the Roman Empire. The State of Israel is also said to be a Roman outpost. The Vatican’s wealth includes investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, France and US and with oil and weapons corporations as well. The Vatican’s billions are said to be in Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’ and US Federal Reserve Bank. The money possessed by the Vatican is more than banks, corporations or even some Governments and questions why the wealth is not used to elevate at least the Christian poor when it preaches about giving?

Vatican wealth has been accumulated over the centuries by taxing indulgences, some Popes have sold tickets to heaven. Today, they are harvesting souls in Asia as a 3rdmillennium goal.

Together the 3 Cities have under their wing various societies and groups placed globally with their own so that no one contests their global plan and those that do …well all the assassinations will explain what happens.

The Fabian Society is one such entity which written in 1887 is a mixture of fascism, Nazism, Marxism and communism. It is not hard to now imagine that all these ‘ideologies’ would have also been engineered by the same people. It should come as no surprise then to discover that the Fabian Society is accredited with creating Communist China, Fascism in Italy and Germany and Socialism globally as well. How far people have been fooled and also explains the role played by the Fabian Society in formulating policies for the decolonized British Empire. It would also mean that quite a number of British educated natives given the mantle of leading the newly independent nations would have also been members of the Fabian society. The communist takeover of Russia too is said to be the work of the British Fabian Society financed by the City of London banking families.

A closer look at entities like the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Club Of Rome, The Committee Of 300, the Central ‘Intelligence’ Agency (CIA), the Council On Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Groups, the ‘Federal’ Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service(s), Goldman Sachs, Israel and the Israeli lobby, the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, the United Nations, the Israeli Mossad, and Associated Press (AP) will reveal that they are all part of the Fabian Society which also controls the European Union.

A noteworthy quote is that of Australian Senator Chris Schacht who said in 2001 “You probably were not aware that us Fabians have taken over the CIA, KGB, M15, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), IMF, the World Bank and many other organizations.”

From all this we should realize that NOTHING HAPPENS IN ISOLATION. Therefore, every event however small is engineered and orchestrated by a handful of people who control the world and what goes on in the world.

Together they have been responsible for

1. Global Warming/Climate change – by creating an environmental catastrophe and winning the Nobel Prize, they have created a public awareness for a ‘global government’ that gives them the right to take action over national governments. Known as UN Agenda 21 a closer look at its clauses will reveal how people will need to get permission for everything they do – in other words it is being used to control people.

2. Federal Banking system – The Fabian Society created the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 handing over the US economy to a cartel of international financiers.

3. Big Pharma – is responsible for drugging the Third World

4. System of local government – promoting devolution and new concept of regional councils in a bid to increase a revenue generating system. It is within an overall plan to abolish independent sovereign national governments. Britain is divided in 9 separate regions of the EU. The British will be shocked to discover that EU laws take precedence over British laws and if they have doubts they need to ask why the Queen and British PMs have signed Treaties handing over power.

5. Abolition of property rights – in 1974 at the Habitat Conference private property was identified as a threat to peace and equality of the environment. Using ‘environmentalism’ as a ploy the quest was to take over earth’s resources and place it under a central authority (UN) and issue licenses for payment. Who owns the UN…the same banking families. In 1987 the World Wilderness Congress was held organized by the Rothschild’s World Conservation Bank which was set up the same year. The World Bank is likely to be replaced by the World Conservation Bank – the aim is to break down national banks and assets will also be diverted to the new bank which is why there is an aim to merge currencies into 2 or 3 major currency groups and replace them with a new electronic currency which is said to be called the ‘earth dollar’. New Zealand has apparently transferred over 34% of its land area into UN Heritage Areas and Conservation Parks and these will all be owned by the same banking families. In 1992 the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil was chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev responsible for dividing the Soviet Union and Maurice Strong, the Rothschild London agent. The topic was Agenda 21 which gave man rights superior to animals, fish, plants, trees and forests.

6. The Patriots Act, the Human Rights Bill, the European Union Constitution, the Security and Prosperity Partnership are all being manipulated to place power in the control of a few hands. Their plans are plotted annually through the Bilderberg Group and their agents run numerous think tanks that steer Government policy which are funded by the banksters who in real terms run the world. Thus the 13 banking families that run the world control the central banks of the world that print money, give loans on interest and explains how national debt never decreases. Economic crises, oil crisis (simply to increase prices), Arab Springs are all manufactured as are wars. There is a saying that all wars and bankers wars. The danger is when it comes to food as the control is being placed under Monsanto and GMOs. Monsanto is the same company that introduced Agent Orange therefore it is worthwhile reading UN’s Codex Alimentarius and the impeding dangers.


The Early Fabians | The LSE & News Statesman | Between the wars| 1945: High tide and after | Challenge and recovery | New Labour & beyond | Chairs & General SecretariesThe Fabian Society is Britain’s oldest political think tank. Founded in 1884, the Society has and continues to be at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the left.

The Fabian Society derives its name from the Roman general Quintus Fabius, known as Cunctator from his strategy of delaying his attacks on the invading Carthaginians until the right moment. The name Fabian Society was explained in the first Fabian pamphlet which carried the note.

“For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.”

The archives of the Fabian Society are held at the London School of Economics, including a comprehensive digital archive.

The Early Fabians: “Educate, Agitate, Organise”

The Fabian Society emerged in 1884 as an off-shoot of the Fellowship of the New Life. The new Society soon attracted some of the most prominent left-wing thinkers of the late Victorian era to their ranks.

The 1880s saw an upsurge in socialist activity in Britain and the Fabian Society were at the heart of much of it. Against the backdrop of the Match Girls’ strike and the 1889 London Dock strike, the landmark Fabian Essays was published, containing essays by George Bernard Shaw, Graham Walls, Sidney Webb, Sydney Olivier and Annie Besant. All the contributors were united by their rejection of violent upheaval as a method of change, preferring to use the power of local government and trade unionism to effect change.

The early Fabians’ commitment to political change was underlined by the role many Fabians played in the foundation of the Labour Party in 1900.

None of the early figures in the Fabian Society were more significant than Beatrice and Sidney Webb in developing the ideas that would come to characterise Fabian thinking and in developing the thorough research methodology that remains a feature of the Society to the present day. Both prodigious authors, Beatrice and Sidney wrote extensively on a wide range of topics, but it was Beatrice’s 1909 Minority Report to the Commission of the Poor Law that was perhaps their most remembered contribution. This landmark report provided the foundation stone for much of the modern welfare state (You can read The Solidarity Society the Fabian Society report to mark the centenary of the Minority Report here).

The London School of Economics & the New Statesman

Two other abiding contributions of the Webbs that persist until the present day are the New Statesman magazine and the London School of Economics.

The London School of Economics, today one of the most pre-eminent universities in the world, began far more humbly. A bequest of £20,000 left by Derby Fabian Henry Hutchinson to the Society for “propaganda and other purposes” was used by the Webbs, Graham Wallas and G.B. Shaw to found a research institute to provide proof positive of the collectivist ideal. The LSE flourished and continued to associate with Fabian academics including Harold Laski, Richard Titmuss and Brian Abel-Smith.

Today, the Fabian Society and the LSE continue to work closely together. The London School of Economics holds the Fabian Society archivesincluding extensive correspondence and early photographs of Fabian Society events. It is also home to the ‘Fabian window‘, a stained-glass image of early Fabians, designed by George Bernard Shaw.

The New Statesman was founded in 1913, the brainchild of Beatrice and Sidney Webb. With the financial support of George Bernard Shaw and other Fabian Society members, the Webbs recruited Clifford Sharp as the founding editor of the magazine and sold over 2,000 copies of the initial edition.

Writing in the Manchester Guardian of the new magazine, Sidney Webb said:

“Its distinctive feature will be its point of view – absolutely untrammelled by party, or sect, or creed. Its general attitude will be best designated by the term ‘Fabian,’ but it will endeavour to bring to light and to appreciate in a wide catholic spirit all those features in other social projects or movements which can be recognised as making for progress. A number of these connected with it are members of the Fabian Society, but this is true of nearly every enterprise nowadays, and the paper is in no sense the organ of the Fabian Society, any more than it will be that of the Liberal party. It is going to be really independent.

New Labour and Beyond

In the 1990s the Fabian Society came to be a major force in the modernisation of the Labour Party, building on its work from the 1980s and developing many of the ideas that would come to characterise New Labour.

A New Constitution for the Labour Party was instrumental in the introduction of “one member, one vote” to party elections and contained the original recommendation for the replacement of Clause IV. The Fabians applied themselves to the challenges that Labour faced in building an election-winning coalition of voters and in the Southern Discomfort series pointed the way towards many of the changes that would take place and help Labour to its historic 1997 victory.

After Tony Blair’s landslide victory in 1997, over 200 Fabians now sat in the House of Commons, including many of the Cabinet. However, the Fabian Society developed its role as a critical friend, supporting the Blair and Brown government’s in developing policy, without being afraid to draw attention to the omissions or shortcomings of the government.

Chairs of the Fabian Society

General Secretaries
1939-46 G.D.H. Cole 1891-1913 E.R. Pease
1946-48 Harold Laski 1913-20 W.S. Sanders
1948-50 G.D.H Cole 1915-19 E.R. Pease (Acting)
1950-53 John Parker 1920-39 F.W. Galton
1953-54 Austen Albu 1939-45 John Parker
1954-55 Harold Wilson 1946-47 Bosworth Monck
1956-56 Margaret Cole 1947-49 Andrew Filson
1956-57 Arthur Skeffington 1949-53 Donald Chapman
1957-58 Roy Jenkins 1953-60 William Rodgers
1958-59 Eirene White 1960-63 Shirley Williams
1959-60 H.D. Hughes 1964-76 Tom Ponsonby
1960-61 Lord Faringdon 1976-82 Dianne Hayter
1961-62 C.A.R. Crosland 1982-85 Ian Martin
1962-63 Mary Stewart 1985-89 John Willman
1963-64 Brian Abel-Smith 1990-1996 Simon Crine
1964-65 Anthony Wedgwood Benn 1993-94 Glenys Thornton (Acting)
1965-66 Peter Townsend 1996-97 Stephen Twigg
1966-67 William Rodgers 1997-2003 Michael Jacobs
1967-68 Arthur Blenkinsop 2003-11 Sunder Katwala
1968-69 PeterShore 2011- Andrew Harrop
1969-70 Thomas Balogh
1970-71 Jeremy Bray
1971-72 Peter Hall
1972-73 Anthony Lester
1973-74 Frank Judd
1974-75 Nicholas Bosanquet
1975-76 Colin Crouch
1976-77 Giles Radice
1977-78 Dick Leonard
1978-79 Philip Whitehead
1979-80 Peter Archer
1980-81 Shirley Williams
1981 Apr David Lipsey
1982 David Lipsey
1983 Stella Meldram
1984 Jenny Jeger
1984-85 Tessa Blackstone
1985-86 Andrew McIntosh
1986-87 Austin Mitchell
1987-88 Nick Butler
1988-89 Bryan Gould
1989-90 David Bean
1990-91 Robin Cook
1991-92 Oonagh McDonald
1992-93 Dianne Hayter
1993-94 Ben Pimlott
1994-95 Alf Dubs
1995-96 Maggie Rice
1996-97 Chris Smith
1997-98 Margaret Hodge
1998-99 Tony Wright
1999-2000 Calum McDonald
2000-01 Gordon Marsden
2001-02 Denis MacShane
2002-03 Paul Richards
2003-04 Stephen Twigg
2004-05 Eric Joyce
2005-06 Seema Malhotra
2006-07 Ed Balls
2007-08 Anne Campbell
2008-10 Sadiq Khan
2010-12 Suresh Pushpananthan
2012-14 Jessica Asato
2014- Seema Malhotra

Scottish Fabians

The Scottish Fabians were relaunched in Spring 2012 as the Labour Party north of the border came to terms with the challenge posed by the SNP and the forthcoming independence referendum. The current chair is Catriona Munro.

A Steering Group for Scottish Fabians has been formed and we are currently generating a programme of events and activities to stimulate and promote debate in Scottish Labour politics. If you would like to find out more or be involved please email







There is a perfectly proper, and defensible policy in favour of immigration which we should be putting, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, “control” is an illusion,BOLLOCKS international evidence is that the tighter the controls, the higher the informal/illegal flows. Such migrants by definition have to work outside the legal economy. They are open to exploitation and abuse, and employers can pay them below minimum wage, introducing unfair competition for jobs. If neighbouring countries decide to reduce cooperation after Brexit, the illegal flows are bound to increase. Furthermore, managing tighter control will be administratively expensive.OK ,1ST OFF WE ARE AN ISLAND NATION SO ILLEGAL FLOWS ENTERING ILLEGALLY ARE COMPLETELY WITHIN OUR CONTROL.

Our points based system for non-EU immigrants relies on an expensive process of visa applications which must be unrealistic for the much larger flows daily across the channel. How will we distinguish tourists and students from jobseekers at entry ports? Will we have a system of work permits? YES WE WOULD HAVE WORK PERMITS VISA’S ETC THE SAME AS ANY OTHER SOVERIGN STATE DOES DEPENDING ON THE NATURE AND LENGTH OF STAY. HOW DO WE DISTINGUISH ? , THE SAME WAY AS EVERYONE ELSE DOES COMMON SENSE . SOMEONE WITH A RETURN TICKET IN 14 DAYS TIME COMING OFF A FLIGHT WITH FLIP FLOPS AND A SOMBRERO IS VERY POSSIBLY A TOURIST . LIKEWISE A WOMAN IN A BUSINESS SUIT WITH A SAME DAY RETURN IS VERY LIKELY ON BUSINESS. THE ONE WHO’S HERE TO TRAVEL FOR 6 MONTHS AND HAS NO WORK VISA ……..HONK HONK

We need immigrant labour to meet labour demand. Warwick University and the UK Commission on Employment and Skills predict 13 million job vacancies in the next decade to meet employer demand (in the light of technological change and retiring workers), but only seven million young people will leave school in that time. Later retirement will fill a bit of the gap, but without immigration there is still likely to be a shortfall of some four million.NONSENSE ARGUMENT , YOU DO NOT CREATE A SURPLUS ON THE BASIS THAT POSSIBLE MIGHT BE ./ MIGHT NOT BE A”LIKELY” DEMAND SOMETIME IN THE NEXT DECADE FOR AN UNSPECIFIED SKILL SET

Changes in the funding of further education have reduced the ability of SOME young people to acquire the skills and qualifications to compete with much better educated immigrants ( BECAUSE UNDER LABOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY SCHOOLS WERE MADE TO DISCOURAGE COMPETITION AND WINNING AND TO PROMOTE EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE NON COMPETETIVE THINKING.LEAVING THEM WOEFULLY UNDERPREPARED FOR REAL LIFE )

in 2010 UK cancelled the Migration Impacts Fund, created by the last Labour government to fund local authorities for the extra costs arising from sudden influxes of immigrants in particular areas, funded by a levy on visas for migrants from outside the EU (THEREBY DISCRIMINATING IN FAVOUR OF EU OVER BEST QUALIFIED GLOBAL TALENT .THIS IS ALSO PROOF ANTICIPATING A LARGE NUMBRTS OF STATE DEPENDANTS OR WHY CREATE THE FUND )


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