Khizr  M Khan the father of  U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan who was K.I.A.who famously  spoke at the DNC . He is a lawyer who worked for Hogan & Hartson Washington, for 10 yrs .Representing by chance the firm who handled the SPAMTRAQ software PATENT  used on Clintons SERVER.

Now known as Hogan Lovells after a 2010 merger  the firm are one of the top 5 lobbying firms with  links to the Clintons inner machine in a number of area’s including simple tax returns as demonstrated on page 2 of  tax form 1040 click .1040pdf

They have  also previously  donated to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton  and continue to spend around $12 million a year on lobbying .Yet another co-incidence  is they are also former employers of both Khan & Cheryl Mills , counselor and chief of staff to the Secretary of State and  director of the Clinton foundation .Who has found  herself in the publics eye recently when she was named in leaked state department emails. Unusually given immunity by the FBI in exchange for producing a laptop containing emails received from the unsecured private server in the hope of recovering destroyed government records.. .

Khan and Mills  are also former co-workers and it would seem more than just a speaker , more  a cog in the Clinton money machine.Khan is known have ties with Saudi Royalty and is happy to promote the Islamic all accounts . His law firm KM Khan LAW  specialises in assisting migrant’s to negotiate and  overcome US  Immigration Laws .

Suspiciously searches show the day before he gave his  DNC speech chastising the Republican Candidate he permanently and inexplicably deleted his Law firms website on which stated  he specializes in Immigration and confirmed his employment history

A pdf copy of recovered site & the whois info in pdf format are available below bundled  with them is a legal study paper authored by Khan in which he states his shares his thoughts and support of Sharia law.

Khizr M Khan Pdf’s  43Mb file from Mega Sync

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